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We offer
  • Karkasa-majas.lv
    Prefabricated and modular houses

    Fast installing prefabricated and modular houses. Worlwide installation and delivery

  • www.pvcdurvis.lv
    PVC doors – energy-efficient and reliable
    Manufacturing of plastic doors for houses, apartments, apartment-building entrances, offices, cottages.

  • Remontadarbi.lv
    Repair works and renovations

    Repair and restoration works of any complexity

  • Epdm.lv
    Firestone EPDM membranes for roofs and ponds
    EFTA LAT is the official representative of the company Firestone Building Products (Bridgestone Group) in Latvia.
    Any roofing and terrace solutions.

  • Kompozitadurvis.lv
    Composite doors with 25 years warranty

    Ultra-durable entrance doors for houses and cottages. Low thermal conductivity. Extensive selection of designs.

  • Loguapkalposana.lv
    PVC - Aluminium - Wood windows and doors
    Window and door manufacturing since 2003. Manufacturing of double-glazed windows. Installation and repair works.

  • Bioclimatic pergolas
    Bioclimatic pergolas by Saxun allow you to enjoy life outside all year round. They offer a variety of possibilities so that you can enjoy your terrace or garden as if they were another room in your home.
List of our services
We are constantly improving and expanding the range of services we offer to make your life easier.
  • 1
    Repair of apartments, private houses and "turnkey" commercial facilities
    EFTA LAT is engaged in the renovation of apartments, houses and commercial facilities around the world and implements a variety of tasks - from bold architectural and design projects to repair and construction work in individual premises (kitchens, dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc.).
  • 2
    EFTA LAT builds objects of any complexity and can take on the functions of a general contractor - quickly and accurately organizes the work of all departments and subcontractors on the construction site.
    Our specialists have extensive experience and high qualifications in the field of engineering and construction and installation works. And the subcontractors with which our company cooperates have been tested by years of joint work, which eliminates the loss of time and quality in the distribution of tasks.
  • 3
    Detailed list of offered works and services
    • development of technical documentation and budgeting
    • budgeting and financing plan
    • approval of the work schedule
    • holding contract tenders
    • construction site organization
    • integrated project management
    • coordination and control of subcontractors
    • optimization of design solutions taking into account the budget
    • ensuring the safety of work
    • putting the facility into operation
  • 4
    Reconstruction and renovation of buildings
    Complex reconstruction and repair of buildings and premises, regardless of their original functional purpose and degree of wear. The reconstruction is carried out strictly in accordance with the developed project, and the customer has the opportunity to monitor the work.
    The main types of work that are carried out during the re-equipment of structures:
    • general construction and finishing works
    • replacement of water supply, sewerage and heating
    • electrical and lighting installation
    • installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems
    • installation of fire safety systems
    • installation of SCS, ACS, video surveillance
    • facade work
    • roofing
    • installation of translucent structures and so on.
  • 5
    Technical Supervision
    Not every customer has the opportunity to constantly be at the site and control the work of construction companies - to delve into the technical details, specific situations and local building codes. In this case, EFTA LAT provides a building control and technical supervision service. We monitor all stages of building construction or repair, and the customer regularly receives photo / video reports, as well as a specialist's opinion on how the process is going.
    EFTA LAT guarantees:
    • analysis of design and estimate documentation and control over how the contractor follows it
    • elimination of errors in the work of the contractor
    • supervision over the selection of building and finishing materials, which is done by the contractor
    • strict accounting of the consumption of building materials
    • quality control of each stage of work
    • verification of compliance with technological standards, rules for the performance of work, safety regulations, working hours of masters
    • checking the quality of the work performed (planes, floor, wall and ceiling levels are measured, the connection of communications is checked, etc.)
    • filling out specialized control documentation
    • check for compliance of the results of the project documentatio
  • 6
    EFTA LAT is engaged in administrative support, execution of all necessary documents and obtaining permits for the construction of objects of any purpose around the world. We also provide legal support for the entire construction period.
  • 7
    Design engineering, field supervision, facility completion
    We are engaged in interior design - from design to furnishing.
    In accordance with the wishes of the customer, our designers and architects make drawings, plans, sketches, 3D visualizations and a complete working project.
    We offer architectural supervision over the implementation of an approved design project: a designer or architect controls the compliance of construction work with the drawings, technical specifications and artistic ideas reflected in the project documentation. Designers help the customer to choose furniture and decor, and we organize their delivery from anywhere in the world.
Our works
Projects in Europe
Glazing works at the embassy and ambassador's residence in Paris
Wood windows. Glazing works at the embassy and ambassador's residence in Paris
In December 2017, the company EFTA LAT replaced over 90 old wood windows and doors with new pine structures at the embassy building in Paris.
"Paris, France"

Glazing works at the embassy and the ambassador's residence in Brussels
In November 2017, EFTA LAT started replacing old wood windows (over 140 windows) with new energy-efficient oak windows at the embassy building and the ambassador's residence in Brussels.
"Brussels, Belgium"

Paving works at the embassy in Luxembourg. 3000m2

In August 2018, EFTA LAT finished paving works at the embassy in Luxembourg and the surrounding area. Within 6 weeks 4 workers paved over 3000 m2.

The castle with the status of cultural heritage in Jurmala

In 2020, the company EFTA LAT completed internal and external repair and restoration work in the castle with the status of cultural heritage in Jurmala. The external facade has been completely renovated, a new paving stone has been laid in the courtyard, and the highest quality repairs have been made inside.
Our goal
The main goal of our company is to satisfy all your needs and exceed your expectations. We can implement ANY idea.
Why us?
  • 1
    Experience is undoubtedly the most important factor in any business. The more mistakes we have made during the initial stage of our activity, the less chances there are to make a mistake now.
  • 2
    Our own manufacturing site
    We are not dealers. We have our own manufacturing site and therefore are able to monitor and control the entire production process.
  • 3
    Production time
    For each project we calculate the actual production time. We do not reduce the necessary amount of production time during initial negotiations just to please the customer.
  • 4
    We cannot afford making products of inappropriate quality. Therefore we double-check at every stage of production and use components and materials only from experienced and carefully tested manufacturers.
  • 5
    We offer a manufacturer's warranty on all our products. We have been on the market for over 15 years and there is not a single customer whom we would have refused to "help out" if something went wrong for certain reasons after the expiration of the warranty period, and we do it free of charge. We will help you always and no matter where you are.
  • 6
    All our products have all the necessary certificates. The installation teams have European certificates and will cope with a task of ANY complexity.
Our contacts
Office: +371 2 9624 777
e-mail: info@eftalat.lv

Customer service:

Windows and doors: +371 2 7018 777
Fences and gates: +371 2 9721 777
Roofing: +371 2 9624 777

Export: +371 2 9721 777
Working hours
Monday - Friday
09:00 - 18:00

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